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  • Travel, retail, hospitality. The list of industries impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic is long. One industry that received significant attention at the beginning of the pandemic was manufacturing. With borders closed, the supply chain was limited, which caused significant delays to manufacturing. There were also many manufacturing plants that had to reassess what they were [] The post How TRUfusion Enterprise Can Help The Automotive Industry Recover After COVID-19 appeared first on The Rocket Software Blog .

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  • Now available | Rocket LegaSuite 8.5.4 and Rocket API 8.5.4

    We're excited to announce that Rocket LegaSuite 8.5.4 and Rocket API 8.5.4 is now available to customers on the Rocket Community Portal! Highlights of this release include: General Rocket Aldon support: LegaSuite Workbench includes an updated plugin (v8.2.500) for Rocket Aldon, which adds support for Rocket Aldon LMe v6.7. Security: PuTTY has been upgraded to version 0.74 which provides enhanced security and functionality.  Rocket LegaSuite Web Workbench Updated Material ...

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