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Thanks for visiting. This forum is a place for the Rocket community, including users, employees and partners, to discuss Rocket products.

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Dear Users,

With the pending launch of Rocket Discover it occurred to me that users of Discover, CorVu, Folio and NXT may like a community forum to ask questions, get advice, converse with experts and give feedback on their user experiences. My primary target user is the trial user but anyone can join in the discussion including Rocket customers and partners who care to share in their experiences. In fact we’d prefer to hear from our customers and partners and ask you to support our growing community of users. This forum does not take the place of customer support. We ask that you continue to submit cases to our customer support portal, as well as speak to our customer care professionals. At Rocket, we endeavor to offer the highest level of customer support possible.

If you have any questions you can ask them right here. We have numerous technical experts who will be monitoring this forum and participating in discussion 24X7. Your participation is most welcomed and appreciated.

Bob Potter




I have been submitting cases via the Rocket Customer Portal and receiving help that way. Should I be posting solutions/guidance that I am receiving from there onto this forum. It may stop other forum members spending time trying to work around issues that already have answers.


Hi Chris:

I would post any questions, suggestions, tips etc to the forum first. If the issue cannot be resolved through the community, then we may have you submit a case through the RCP. For example, if you have an issue that cannot be resolved without connecting to the server, we wouldn’t want the connection details posted in the public domain so we would take the case to the RCP. But anything else can be posted here.

We leave it up to the user’s discretion as to whether they want to submit cases through the RCP or start a discussion in the forums.