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Using Rocket tools to install Open source products for z/OS USS



I’m a long-time z/OS sysprog, a fairly decent knowledge of Linux & USS (with shell scripting and Perl etc) but new to compiling open-source products from their source.

I’d like to get the open source product Graphviz ( running under USS just so I can use it’s command-line facilities.

Does anyone have any advice about how to start and would the Rocket tools Autoconf and Automake help?




Hi, Steve. I suspect that you will find starting from automake/autoconf to be a difficult and frustrating process, but it’s worth a shot.

If you have access to a Linux system (either x86 or Linux on z), a somewhat easier, but much more ad hoc, approach might be something like this:

  • Clone the sources. It looks like GraphViz uses git submodules, which have their own quirks; the graphviz developer instructions should guide you through that.
  • Build GraphViz on that Linux system, which will create a configure script and, from that, the necessary Makefile.
  • Take the generated Makefile and sources, copy it all to z/OS, and start hacking.

We (Rocket) are working on getting the whole automake/autoconf/libtool chain working more reliably, but it’s not entirely there yet.

– Jerry