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Use of config file by bash

I’ve just installed GNU bash, version 4.2.53(1)-release (i370-ibm-openedition) on Z/OS 2.3 and I’m somewhat confused by what config files bash uses at startup

From …//share/doc/bash/4.3/README.ZOS the doc sartes
Non-interactive mode
The bash shell proceses configuration files in the following order:
(1) /etc/bash.bashrc
(2) ~/.bashrc

The bash login shell processes configuration files in the following order:
(1) ~/.bash_profile
(2) ~/.bash_login
(3) ~/.profile

Non-login shell
The bash shell executes a file “~/.bashrc”

The results for a non-login shell matches the doc

However I do a:
(which I assume is a non-interactive shell) I see no config files executed

If I try
bash --login
I onle see the follwoingt cofig file excured