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Unpacking Distributions


Here are several things that may help:

  • The tool download page contains a README.ZOS file that has the installation instructions. I followed those for the curl-7.52.1_b004.170529.tar.gz download (installing into my home directory) and got a working curl. The first part of the instructions is:
 gzip -d curl-7.52.1_<build>.tar.gz
 tar -C /rsusr/rocket -xovf curl-7.52.1_<build>.tar
  • You also need to be sure to set the environment variables as indicated:
 export PATH=$PATH:/rsusr/rocket/bin
 export LIBPATH=$LIBPATH:/rsusr/rocket/lib
 export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/rsusr/rocket/share/man
 export _TAG_REDIR_ERR=txt
 export _TAG_REDIR_IN=txt
 export _TAG_REDIR_OUT=txt

_BPXK_AUTOCVT=ON is especially important and easy to overlook; this enables EBCDIC/ASCII conversion.

Hope this helps.