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Unknown Error running SQL from Python Command



Hello, brand new to Universe and trying to learn the basics of using Python to interact with the Universe database.

I’m using the RESTful Web Services to call a Basic subroutine:

SUBROUTINE createBook ( BookDetails, ErrText, pyresult )
pymodule = PyImport("createBook")
pyresult = PyCallFunction("createBook", "create_book", BookDetails)

Here is a simplified version of the Python code (

def create_book(book_details)
    import u2py

    last_id = u2py.Command("SELECT MAX(ID) FROM U2_BOOKS;").run()
    return str(last_id)

I get an error on the line with the Command and run:

error creating U2Error (10252) unknown Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "C:\U2\UV\incubator\u2_books\BOOKS_PP\", line 4, in create_book
    last_id = u2py.Command("SELECT MAX(ID) FROM U2_BOOKS;").run()

  File "C:\U2\UV\bin\", line 85, in run

u2py.U2Error: (10252) unknown

I get this error with any sort of SQL statement (e.g. “SELECT U2_BOOKS FIRST 10;”). However, if I change the command to something else (like “WHO”) it works fine.

I’ve tested out the SQL statement and it works fine if I run it from the U2 Python shell command prompt. It also works if I just put it into a simple python script and run it from the U2 shell using RUNPY command. But for some reason I’m getting this unknown error when running it from a Basic subroutine.

Any ideas?


SQL aside, the main issue I see is that you are not capturing the output from the

last_id =“SELECT MAX(ID) FROM U2_BOOKS TOXML;”, capture=True )

Note that I added the TOXML keyword to the command, because otherwise it would be the text that is displayed to the screen. I find the XML easier to deal with.


Agreed. I was just simplifying my code as much as possible. I tried your changes but still get that odd “Unknown error”.

The odd thing is that if I run this from the shell it works. The only time I’m getting this error is when I’m calling it from the RESTful web services as a subroutine resource.


I can confirm after more testing that any time the RESTful web service calls the python code that runs a select sql statement (using either or u2py.Command().run()), it gives this error. However, running the exact same code from the shell works flawlessly.

Is this a bug with the RESTful web service or maybe I’m just missing a setting? At this point, I’m just running the trial versions of everything locally.

Alternatively, is there a better way to access Universe data from a javascript web client than the RESTful web services? I’d prefer to use Python instead of Basic and SQL over RetrieVe. I’m completely new to Universe.