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UniversePE 11.3.1 linux installation




I installed the last Rocket Universe Personnal Edition ( ) using the link you provided by email. I followed instructions from universe_installguide_v1131.pdf.
uv.load run as uvadm ends successfully, but then uv.install run as root ends with an error “2 2” without displaying the expected informations required to activate the product.
Uvsmm.errlog reports “UniVerse license expired! UniVerse stops working!”. Then, every try to run an universe binary lead to the same error.

~$ /usr/uv/bin/uvregen -z
UniVerse Ver.: 11.3.1
Serial#......: Personal Edition
Expiry Date..: 5/24/2018
Max Logins...: 2
Device Licn..: Enabled
Conn per Dev.: 2
Authorized...: Yes

UV master key: Not Installed

Package Name    User Limit Expiry Date

-UVNET          0          uv
-GCI            2          5/24/2018
-UCI            2          5/24/2018
-UVCS           2          5/24/2018
-UVADM          2          5/24/2018
-UVODBC         2          5/24/2018
-iPHANTOM       2          5/24/2018
-CONNPL         0          uv
-EDA            N          uv
-AUDIT          Y          uv
-SUBKEY         N          uv
-PY             Y          uv
-CURE           N          uv

Any idea how to get the universe running ? it seems the license is already outdated :confused:

Thanks in advance,


Matthieu Leroyer


Not sure when you requested the Personal Edition, but I just requested and downloaded both PE version (Windows and Linux), which are the latest version which was released in August 2018. This version of the PE will not expire until June 2020.

Please request a download link again, download the latest version, and install again. If you are still having issues, send an email to, so that I or another Rocket Technical Support Engineer can assist you.


I requested it last week : thue. 15/jan/2019 10:18
ok i’ll try to request a link again, let’s hope it has been updated