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Universe/Pick term type emulation for PC

I am battling to get the right terminal emulation. I have tried most of the ones in the ‘set-term-type’ list. None of them are formatting correctly. I am using crt @(1,1):“hello world” to test and it displays hello world at the same point as the cursor at the tcl prompt.

I am using a desktop PC with a wide 90cm screen. Can anyone help with this? In D3 without universe, I used to use term I and that worked, but not on universe.

Using SBClient as my terminal emulator I set the the emulation to VT220 and the program runs correctly.

TERM output is:

Terminal Printer

Page width: 80 80
Page depth: 24 60
Page skip : 0
LF delay : 0
FF delay : 2
Backspace : 8

Thank you, but I do not have sbclient installed. I am logging into the unix shell and working directly there. So vt220 does not work wither - causes funny characters and does not position screen prompts correctly.