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Unified class library?

Are there any plans for MVSP for U2? UO for D3/mvBase?
As I’m sitting here coding with MVSP/Java, on a product that will support all of the platforms, I’m prepared to use a different library for each platform type. In my code I’m going to create an abstraction the MV connection so that it’s library-independent. It would be to look forward to a time when “UniObjects” worked with all Rocket MVDBMS, and without having to convert existing code from MVSP.

Tony, as you accurately point-out, there are unique differences between all the Rocket MV dataservers and accessing data currently requires a different tool that is designed specifically for each of the respective MV dataservers. Rather than reworking all of the existing tools, we are exploring the option of a single solution that spans the MV dataservers and would provide a single access point to any of the MV dataservers in your modernization efforts. More to come…