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Tools for working with Unidata on Mac

My whole development environment is on Mac OS. I used Eclipse Mars with the BDT but now it is getting very hard to handle (it is 5 years old, which is a lot of time in software development :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I checked Rocket BDT tools and they abandoned any other Platform that is not Windows. My company setup is one Unidata Server for development, we cannot use local servers because setting the application is too much work. We are talking about a 30 years application. That’s why Eclipse was a good option, we were able to connect remotely to the server and do the coding.

I would like to know how people do now. Other tools, setups etc.

Thanks in advance



Recently I adopt vsCode, it’s a wonderfull environnement.
There is a good extension to edit Mv basic from onMV code texmate, snipet, and a langage server to check you code, start basic compile…

You can work directly on directory with or without git mechanics(fully intergrate) or use the provided mvGateway which connect natively to Unidata and manage read/write/badic/catalog
You can also define a vsCode terminal/ssh or telnet on the console then run some command.

I have 25 years of expérience in Mv db (udt, uv, d3,…) and I am really happy with it.
I enrich snippets to internal usual subroutine, variables, method,… Then it’s really quick to code basic.

Then if you mix python/jscript/html/c… code, available from recent u2 release. vsCode is really powerfull and as plenty of extensions to help.

Give it a chance

I hope this help
Manu Fernandes

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I will give it a try… this looks awesome… Thank so much…

Oh I need to install the MVGateway in order to connect to remote servers, and that is only available for Windows :cry: do you know is there is a version for Unix?


You do not need to install it locally, if you have a windows machine in the network, you can use it, it’s a gateway service,it works for multi user.

Otherelse, you can:

1/ Mount direct remote directory to you basic file ( basics are stored in DIR file)

2/ use ssh file manager (vsCode extension to browse you remote directory) ( basics are stored in DIR file)

Manu Fernandes

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mmm I can use a windows machine in the network… interesting let me check… thanks

Hi, great extension for vsCode ! The documentation is also great but does not cover the detail of the U2 REST server. I am having connection difficulties using both the MVGateway and the Accuterm connection methods as described in the documentation.

@manufv, I wonder if you can perhaps help. I am trying to connect to a server running the U2 REST server but the extension seems to expect “login” and “dir” endpoints on the REST server and these resources do not exist.

Is it perhaps an old version of the REST server running or did I miss an installation step ?

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So as I understand, MvGateway connect the u2 server via u2. Net native connector (uo for. Net).

Then between vsCode (client)/Mv Gateway it’s Restfull http request and between MvGateway and u2 server, it’s uo for.Net, then you must provide userid/passwd, account path to performs the login.


Thank you for the clarification. That makes sense.

hey, Rocket makes the move to vsCode.
Reecived today : MVU, On June 3, Yunpu Zhao, Rocket Software Engineer, will show you an early preview of Rocket MultiValue BASIC for Visual Studio Code.

Thank god… I think they are a good company but it’s hard sometimes what they working on.

I registered for the preview. Let’s see what they have.

Thanks @manufv

Well, I watch the webinar. It really looks promising but again it’s too far away. They will not release it for Unidata, only Universe first. And also it will work on windows only first.

So, that means that I’m still stuck. :’(

you are right, Rocket, is far away from a solution but there is a good will (thes comes from ED / AE…no comment ).
Then if we register to the beta, we can get what we need.

As you note, the extension is ok to work with Theia … then why not set Theia on you environment. you code via browser and get advantage of the new Rocket’s extension.

so, you run udt (one day rocket-mvbasic extension will work with udt) but you are on mac and they develop the ServerLanguage’s connector to u2 with uoJ (IMHO a shortcut which is a strategic error), uoj will never be mac osx compatible …

so imho stay with third party mvextensions.mvbasic extension
you have two options :
1 - use mvGateway to get your sources
2 - use ms-vscode-remote.remote-ssh extension to adress your u2 directory sources directly (based on openSSH available on osx)

plus setup a vscode/TerminalSSH and you can execute u2 statement from vsCode (basic, catalog, …)

via ssh, you can configure a two-keys system, then there is no login phase and no security trouble and it’s transparent.

my 2 pence.

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Thank you so much.

So far I had no luck with MVGateway. I was able to connect and see the files, but as soon as I try to open BP for example it never does. I cannot find a way to debug or troubleshoot what is going on.

Our UniData server is in Windows, so I tried to access the files with SMB. Big mistake, it’s super slow and a pain. I’m working with devops in my company to see if we can put a ssh access to the server. That’s so far is my only hope.

I really want to work with Unidata, but is kind of frustrating that all the tools are focus on windows. Nothing for Mac or Linux.

I will keep you guys posted.

Again, thanks for all the info.

After reread the remote ssh, it seems your best option.

After setup the remote ssh and connections you ARE on the server, then you install Mv basic extension on the remote vsCode…

Reread this :,anywhere%20on%20the%20remote%20filesystem.

This looks very promising. I will push for this. Thank you so much. :smiley: