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The Future of CorVu NG


Rocket Software is committed to making CorVu NG easier to use, while providing more functionality for Business Intelligence Application Builders and their End Users. Enhancements are being organized under the following themes:

*Usability - There is a renewed focus on making the application interface more intuitive to allow for faster, and easier, creation of BI applications.

*Visualization - We are always looking at ways to provide our users with new, rich visualization options and improve what is already offered.

*Flexible Security Model – The goal is to further enhance the security model to give users even more control over security while allowing them to fully leverage their existing security provider(s).

*Expanded Data Access (especially around MultiValue data sources) - No matter where your data resides, Rocket Software wants to make sure it can be accessed quickly and easily using CorVu NG.

Please use this space to provide feedback or discuss possible enhancements for CorVu NG.