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Storing Historical Data

Hey all,

I have yet another question. Is it possible to store data retrieved from a query in CorVu for access later with another query? For example, I want to capture a 30 day history of a metric that is calculated using a query in CorVu NG. Can I store each day’s metric in a table or some other equivalent inside CorVu and then create a chart for a dashboard using the stored information? Thank you for taking the time to read this.


You could create a query that produces the data you need and then push this into a table (either in the same db or an another db - like derby or something). The easiest way to do this would be to use a procedure (that could be scheduled). A basic one would look something like the following two lines:

DISPLAY QUERY rsbi:/.workspaces/Outback33/Sales_summary

‘Sales_summary’ is my query
’rsbi:/.workspaces/Outback33/Sales_summary’ is the path to my query in the repository
DEMO.sales_sum is the table that is going to get created when the SAVE DATA step is run
DISPLAY is a procedure command
SAVE is a procedure command