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Source code available for sudo?

Hi there! Any way we could get the source for sudo? The default user is currently set as “ROOT”, which is not the name of our “UID 0” ID in RACF. It’s our understanding that a recompile with a specific compile option could fix this for us. Adding an id named “ROOT” into RACF is not going to be an option.



we made similar experiences installing sudo under z/OS like you. I posted the questition month ago in post Sudo doesn't work. But never got an answer or a hint, that there is anyone who has installed this port under z/OS successfully.

In my opinion rocket has to understand, that this will not work in most sites. UID 0 is historically named like BPXONIT, BPXROOT, OMVS,OEDIT…

Kind regards

Source were uploaded to the Customer Portal. Please, take a look there.

Hi - thank you very much. We will do so!


Is there any documentation handy for compile options for sudo? Or any tips/pointers? thanks!

During the configure step of the build, we get message:

configure: error: Sudo version 1.8.21p2 requires an ANSI C compiler to build.

We are using complier available with LE