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SMP/E installation for Open Source z/OS software



a while ago we found out, that IBM Ported Tools, we’re talking of perl and php mainly, went out of service last month. So we decided to migrate to the versions offered here. The only disadvantage using these tools is, that they are not SMP/E installed, as the IBM versions are.

So we decided to create a set of procedures to make these tools SMP/E installable, and finally we succeed.

At this time we’re able to install the following Tools via SMP/E, some more will follow:

mc (Midnight Commander)

I write this in order to ask, if there is any interest to know more about the used method, how to make such products SMP/E installable. In this case I would like to share this informations.



Hi Juergen

We would certainly like to know how you made these products SMP/E installable.

Please share your information with this forum … Thanks

Steve Bagshaw


Hello Juergen

that would be a very interesting post. I would appreciate

Regards Roger


making ported tools SMP/E-installable is exactly what I wanted Rocket to do. It would definitely speed up adoption across the z/OS community.


It is extremely unlikely that Rocket will ever make the open source tools available as SMP-installable packages.

We are, however, considering making them available as conda-installable packages.


I’m now ready to upload a first description how I create an SMP/E install package for Rocket Open Source z/OS Software. In this description I used cURL as an example. If anyone tries to create similar packages, here are three additional hints:

  1. You should start with gzip first, because you’ll need gzip to unzip most of the other products.The unzip is done outside the SMP/E process in my sample, but with some changes in the Installation shellscript it should be fairly easy to do the unzip also in SMP/E. The same is the case for any additional customizing after doing the tar.
  2. Of course you can use other FMIDs for the products.
  3. At some points I used some REXX and JCL procedures. I will upload these procedures in near future.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about this method. Any further ideas are welcome.

JuergenSMP.pdf (183.9 KB)



here is the second edition of the description from my last post. It also contains all used REXX and JCL procedures.

JuergenSMP.pdf (233.1 KB)