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Servergraph 9.1 is now GA -- check out these video intros!

Servergraph 9.1 is now available, and here are some interesting videos on the product:
Intro to Servergraph 9.1 - overview
Welcome to Servergraph 9.1 (for new users)
Personalizing Dashboards (part1)

This product takes the data collection of all the products Servergraph supports (47 at last count, including all the major enterprise backup products and storage devices) and gives it a brand new front end. An intuitive front end that works as well for the experienced administrator as the non-technical or occasional user. Whatever the question is on backup or storage, the answer is in Servergraph. Either in one of our pre-built dashboards or a dashboard you create yourself.

And then share whatever information you want with others – as detailed or limited/filtered as you like.

For questions, please contact Steve Wright