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Servergraph 8.2 is now GA and available for upgrade!


We have a video on the new GUI/UX features here:

There are several exciting changes, which make Servergraph much more useful to the manager or administrator who may have occasional questions about the backup enterprise, but doesn’t use Servergraph often enough to understand the reports structure.

In a nutshell, the changes include:

“Role Based” report filters
So you don’t have to see all the reports all the time (it’s ironic, but we sometimes suffer from having too much information)

“Report Search” box
Type in a word and find all the reports with that name in the title.

“Favorite” Reports
Choose which reports to include in your favorites.

“Recent” Reports
Quick list of recently used reports.

Selectable Reports
A selection of customizable reports that can be casually and intuitively configured by any user who can click on a drop down menu (not every report is easily customizable, but one from every major class of report)