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&SAVEDLISTS& and long list names

Hello ! I have an interesting problem in UniVerse 11.3.1 (also on 12.5). Any clues would be appreciated, I did not found anything on the Internet for now.

In my production environment, I have 2 accounts that share files by Q-Pointers. It’s was built like that a long time ago, I plan to merge them into 1 account soon. Let’s say I have ACCT1 and ACCT2.

ACCT1 have the file &SAVEDLISTS&.
ACCT2 uses a Q-Pointer to use that file from ACCT1.

When in ACCT1, I can use LIST.DIFF and send the result to a list with a long name (more than 14 characters), no problems.

When in ACCT2, I get an error if I send the result to a list with a long name, see:

&SAVEDLISTS&: No such file or directory
Unable to open the operating system file "/u2/ACCT1/&SAVEDLISTS&/ALEX.THIS.IS.M/Y.LONG.LISTNAM/E".
[ENOENT] No such file or directory

I tried to change the VOC from Type Q to Type F with the full path to &SAVEDLISTS& and I have the same result.

I tried the command LONGNAMES ON on both accounts and I have the same result.

I can use EDIT.LIST and SAVE.LIST with very long names, no problems with that. It affects only LIST.DIFF, LIST.INTER and LIST.UNION

Is anybody could have any hints ?
Many thanks to all !

The only thing I can think of is that you have a different setting for LONGNAMES in the two accounts.

Look at the LOGIN paragraph and see if it is setting LONGNAMES


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Perfect, thanks a lot, I will see the LOGIN once I’m back at the office (vacations). I will try to reproduce the issue on my home-lab, I will keep you posted, thanks!

Good Morning,
We have fixed our issue!! Here is the solution we used, I hope it may help other users that could have the same problem.

In ACCT2, at the OS level, we have created a &SAVEDLISTS& symbolic link to /ACCT1/&SAVEDLISTS&.
Then, still in ACCT2, we changed the VOC to replace the Q-Pointer to a F-Pointer that look its own &SAVEDLISTS& file (the link).

Now it works perfectly!
Have a great day !