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Rocket Universe Personal Edition

Does the free personal edition of Universe still exist? I can find no reference to it on the website.

Yes, the personal edition of UniVerse is still offered. To find the latest version you can visit our Trials page.

Note that the site only requires that you provide some information, and agree to the terms and conditions, then an email will be sent to you with a download link.

Let us know if you have any issues with the site and/or the download.

Michael Rajkowski
Rocket Software Support Engineer

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Many thanks. I’ll try this in the nest few days.

Roger Keeling

Fri 29 Jul. Just successfully installed the PE trial & it runs OK. Thanks.

I have universe pe running and am having difficulty getting it to print without the GUI tool; I used to work with a Pick then UniVerse database and am wanting to refamiliarizr myself with the system. I remember when seting up the unicere system I used a GUI tool to start then everything else I did thru telnet/cmd line.

Is it possible to define a printer without xadmin? I want to practice outputting reports to a virtual printer (a txt file). I remember being able to produce info for mngmt was pretty important obviously.

Actually with one command I can see that universe picks up my virtual printer, but I can’t find a command to assign a channel or number to the printer. I think I need to edt the &DEVICE& file. But, I’m not keen on monkeying around without more info.

The XADMIN is part Rocket U2 DBTools, and is also available on the Trials page:

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Thank you.
I really liked Pick/UniVerse. I hope I can find work using UniVerse or UniData ets again.

I have attempted to do this and did not receive any email returned to me. I am attempting to use these trials to determine if I want to buy a small version license to make development for prospective clients or possible employers in Universe or Unidata with SB+ but have had no fortune in receiving a reply.

By the way, I don’t even know the ballpark pricing on the smaller non trial versions of U2 SB+ and UniObjects or they are priced within a consultant’s ability to afford.

If you entered your information, and did not click on the agree to terms and condition button you will not get the download email. ( While I expect you did it, I must ask you to check spam folder )

I will reach out to sales for some additional information for you.

Mike Rajkowski

Ok, the following page has more information on Rocket SystemBuilder:

In addition to some helpful information there are links to ‘get a demo’ and ‘get a quote’.

Let me know if you are still having problems getting what you need.


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I specifically did click on the Accept Terms and Conditions check box before submitting (and I read them too). I attempted to get the products two days ago first and when I didn’t receive anything back, added an account without Spam Assassin on another domain to make certain it wasnt being rejected as spam. Will it work better if I use an enail domain like gmail or hotmail instead of my own hosting?
I have worked many decades with U2 and SB+ but I am looking into what the current state of the products are and trying to get personal versions to give example code for a prospective customer/employer (who is a well-known Multi-value expert). As I mentioned above, I am considering purchasing licenses of those systems so I can do development at home.

Hi @mrajkowski

I got email with download link.
But it shows only “Download error!” alert in my browser.
Can you please help me?


On the website it shows the trial versions expire on 8/2020. Will Rocket no longer offer the trial versions, or, Personal Editions?

Engineering is working on getting this resolved. I expect it will be posted within the week.