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Rocket NXT 4 Overview


NXT 4 is a comprehensive suite of content publishing applications for compiling and distributing your electronic information online or offline. NXT 4 provides the tools for you to deliver your business critical content efficiently and cost effectively across the Internet, your company’s intranet, or to your disconnected users. The NXT 4 product suite enables you to publish your content in an environment offering rich search and navigation.

The components in the NXT 4 product suite are available individually so you can implement the components that fit your needs today, and, easily expand your system tomorrow. The product suite components are:

  • NXT Online Server
  • NXT Builder
  • NXT Content Bridges
  • Intranet Publisher
  • Offline Publisher
  • NXT Solo


NXT Online Server delivers your information to online users. The NXT Online Server install includes a sample presentation layer along with the NXT 4 documentation set and some additional sample content. Take some time to tour the sample site and familiarize yourself with the user interface functionality so you will be ready to modify the default interface, configure the server, and add your own content.


NXT Builder is a set of production tools necessary for deploying information using NXT Online Server. NXT Builder includes the File System Content Bridge and the Library Manager Application.


NXT Content Bridges enable you to publish content from different repositories in an online or offline environment. Currently, there are four NXT Content Bridges:

  • File System — This Content Bridge is included with NXT Builder component and enables you to publish content that is stored on a file system
  • ODBC — The ODBC Content Bridge enables you to publish content from an ODBC database.
  • Lotus Notes® — The Lotus Notes Content Bridge provides the means for publishing information stored in a Lotus Notes database.


NXT Intranet Publisher is for commercial publishers. It enables commercial publishers to distribute their content on a corporate intranet site. NXT Intranet Publisher is a secure version of NXT Online Server and is designed to protect your content when the content is deployed into a “hostile” environment. “Hostile” means environments that are outside the direct your control as a publisher, such as a corporate client’s intranet.

To create secure publications, you create and deploy licenses for your content. These licenses control which portions of your libraries are accessible to a customer, when the content will expire, and how many users can access the content. The core functions of NXT Builder, NXT Online Server, and NXT Solo products apply to these commercial products also.


NXT Offline Publisher enables commercial distribution of information to customers on CD or DVD. The content is protected from inappropriate use through the NXT license management system. NXT Offline Publisher is a secure version of NXT Solo and is designed to protect content when the content is deployed into a “hostile” environment. "Hostile means environments that are outside your direct control, as the publisher, such as a customer’s hard drive.


NXT Solo is the offline equivalent of NXT Online Server and is designed to be redistributed to your users, subject to the terms of your license agreement. After installing NXT Solo, you must configure it for use by your users, add your information, and then distribute it to your users.

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