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REST command - Proxy detail

Hello there,
I need your expertise advise please.
I have a Universe Basic program that upload the data to the remote server using API and REST command.
In this program, we included the PROXY detail in the REST command routine.
This program been working fine.

Recently out network system has been upgraded and we NO longer have a PROXY server. So the program has to be amended to exclude the PROXY details from the REST command routine.
Since this amendment, the program no longer work.
It return value = 3, during the submitRequest command,

The following are the REST command routine, prior amendment.
1 - STAT = setHTTPDefault(“PROXY_NAME”,Proxy Name).
2 - STAT = setHTTPDefault(“PROXY_PORT”,Proxy Port).
3 - STAT = setHTTPDefault(“AUTHENTICATE”,Proxy Auth).
4 - STAT = setHTTPDefault(“VERSION”,“1.1”).
5 - STAT = createSecurityContext(hContext, ‘’)
6 - STAT = addAuthenticationRule(hContext,ServerOrClient,AuthenticationRule, AuthenticationType)
HTTPHeaders = `Content-Typeÿapplication/json; charset=utf-8¨Cache-Controlÿno-cache¨X-API-TOKENÿTOKEN-ID¨accept-encodingÿgzip, deflate’
7 - STAT = setHTTPDefault(‘HEADERS’,HTTPHeaders)
8 - STAT = createRequest(URL,“GET”,hRequest)
9 - STAT = submitRequest(hRequest,8000,"",ResponseHeaders,ResponseData, HTTPStatus)
Prior the program amendment, the return value of submitRequest always = 0 (the data got uploaded on the remote server)

In the amended program, option 1,2 and 3 have taken been excluded.
Since the program been amended.the return value of submitRequest always = 3 (network error)

Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Yossy - thanks for using this forum.
One suggestion is to set the proxy to NULL instead of removing it, however that is a detailed request, so you may be better off posting a support case to
Your email will trigger a new case for the MV support team. Please make sure to add your company name and version of Universe.

While I agree that you would be better served by creating a support case, you may want to try turning on protocollogging, and see what is happening when you run the program. It may point out what is blocking the connection.

Thanks Mark and Michael for your reply.

I did try with setting to NULL on PROXY_NAME, PROXY_PORT and AUTHENTICATE, it did not work.
I will post a support case to

I never done on the protocolloging.
Could you advise how to do it please.

Thanks again for your help to both of you.


Simple way to turn it on is:

ST = protocolLogging(“MIKE.log”, “ON”, 10)

Note it will create the file in the current directory.

You can turn off with

ST = protocolLogging(“MIKE.log”, “OFF”, 10)