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Python based Dashboard

Hi Y’all,

Is there a Python library that displays KPI’s with charts and graphs?
I would like to expose some UniVerse performance metrics with a webservice, and have them consumed by a any number of internal users which direct their browser to specific url.

Has anyone done something like this? Or, have thoughts on what Python libraries would get me there ?


There are several GUI modules in and, yet I have not used any enough to give recommendations.


Thanks Mike.

Thank you!
R. Baker Hughes
Senior UniVerse DBA
Neiman Marcus Group/Tata Consultancy Services
972.401.6445 o. 817.905.2776 c.

Hey there:

If you want something you can quickly learn, you can look into bokeh, it can also generate grids of charts and tabbed charts. However, if you want something a bit more on the flashy side, look for Plotly.

Hope that helps

Hiya Baker! We’re going to be marketing a new product that does exactly what you describe. I’ll be happy to work with you to ensure that it includes Universe KPIs. Right now we’re focused on D3. Your assistance can help us to move forward to U2 more quickly. This is a general-purpose dashboard/charting product for developers to use for their apps, but one “verticalized” offering that will spin off from this is a management dashboard. Ping me! :slight_smile:

I downloaded the MVdashboard product from Zumasys and built several dashboards with it. This was a good solution for this peak retail season. We will likely use it for more dashboards. The price point is exceptional on this product and the support was equally exceptional. The library of demo dashboards and demo subs were easily cloned to accomplish what I needed to do, in a matter of a few days development time.