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Prerequisite for TEXMUG MultiValue Python meeting

To those who will be attending the Rocket MV Python Session at TEXMUG in October ( or for those who are interested in learning Python ).

The following is a prerequisite for the attendees:
Load the latest Personal Edition ( for either UniData or UniVerse ) onto a
Windows or Linux laptop.

Link to the trials page to download the Personal Editions

Once you have the personal edition loaded, download the lab and the zip file needed for the self-paced training. ( Hand on lab and the zip)

Please try to complete the self-paced Lab a week prior to the TEXMUG meeting.

If you have any question, or MultiValue Python topics you would like covered, please post them in this forum.

Mike Rajkowski

This sounds simple enough. I will download mine this week and try to uncover kinks others may encounter. Will include your posting in the EventBrite announcement.

We may want to post a fast link in this thread to the BDT, since some find it difficult to navigate to the product matrix, and subsequently the DB Tools download.

Mike, I got everything installed. Went fine.
Ran into a problem when trying to run in PyCharm - 12.b.
It says ‘No Python interpreter configured for the project.’

I will review the lab doc on the setup of pycharm, I am thinking we are missing the path to the python executable, I will review this evening, and let you know what I find.

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So, in Pycharm check File->Default Settings->Default Interpreter
should be pointing to the Python used by U2

Python 3.4.1 (C:\U2\ud82\Python\python.exe)


The BDT ( Basic Developer Toolkit ) is also on the trial page is is part of:

Rocket U2 DBTools
Version 4.3.0
Equip yourself for application success with Rocket U2 DBTools

I know it is a bit confusing, but it is the full version of the Rocket U2 DBTools that is available on the trials page.

Mike, Would there be a UV PE version that runs on Windows 7 32-bit? They all appear to require 64-bit. Thanks