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Postfix for z/OS availability?

Is there a date/ETA for when Postfix for z/OS is available for download? I have a pre-GA version and am unable to install it in our test environment, so I was wondering when the final version would be available.

Postfix is currently in QA and we expect to make it available towards the end of May. Note that this is an EBCDIC port; we are working on enhanced ASCII sort version of all ported tools and will be releasing them through 2016.

Hello, just wondering if there are any updates for Postfix on z/OS. I don’t see it currently available from the ported tools web page.

Work on other tools is taking precedence at the moment and I do not see Rocket working on postfix port before the fourth quarter.

Thanks! Any updates on the Postfix effort?

Unfortunately the update would be an increase in pessimism in that we have a piling on of higher priority porting jobs for Python, R, Jupyter Notebook, git and associated dependencies, packages and extensions (e.g. SparkR). You can probably see a pattern. Doing a parallel job of postfix in the next six months that might affect delivery dates of the aforementioned would require an important business case. If you think you have such a case please do not hesitate to reach me at

It’s been over a year since the last post. Has any progress been made? We are migrating to z/OS 2.3 and losing capability for our javamail code to send to a local SMTP MTA. Going off-box for a mail server would force more complicated code on the application side that handling the storage and subsequent resend in the case of a down server would require.


My ignorance may have been showing here :frowning: Would Postfix actually BE an MTA, or is it just a SendMail client replacement?

Sorry but no progress. Without a support contract, this work is not likely to get attention.

Peter, we are very interested in obtaining a SMTP MTA for z/OS 2.3 given that IBM has removed SMTPD and sendmail. We have a home-grown z/VM MFA application that we need to migrate to z/OS. Another year has passed since your last post on this topic so is there any news?

We don’t have a customer with support contract, who would be interested in Postfix. There is no current or planned work for porting Postfix.

So Rocket is not interested in attracting new customers? It seems like Rocket has put themselves in a chicken and egg situation.

Hi Mike,
Rocket is interested in and in fact is gaining some traction in acquiring new customers for support contracts for our open source offerings. There is a chicken-and-egg dance of sorts that we must engage in as I try to run this lab and advance our portfolio while not running it at too much of a loss. That dance is about priorities and opportunities. I am open to hearing your business case at
-Peter Fandel