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Perldoc returns garbage characters

I couldn’t find any similar questions on this in the forum so I’ve posted my own.

I recently installed perl 5.24 on zOS. When we use the perldoc command, for example ‘perldoc perlbot’, the command returns garbage characters along with valid text, like so:

perlbot - Links to information on object-oriented programming in Perl

For information on OO programming with Perl, please see perlootut and

(The above documents supersede the collection of tricks that was formerly
here in perlbot.)


I found what I think are the source files for these pages in /share/man/cat1. They look OK there.

The output looks mostly ok but not perfect if I’m in the OMVS shell (called from TSO). It looks worse in putty, which is what I was using in the example above.

I’m wondering what I did wrong on the install/configuration.

I do have a file not found that didn’t pass the check after the install : /lib/perl5/5.24.0/os390/perllocal.pod . It gets a ‘fail’ when I run the script and indeed is missing. I don’t know if this is related or not to my problem.



Thanks for using ported tools and reporting the issue. We have the same problem. I have created an internal ticket.
I let you know, when we fix this.