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Need help re Model 204


Disclosure: I know nothing!

We are hoping to hire someone to help us with interacting with this database:

We have spreadsheets with information.It’s just one piece of information per student. We don’t want to data entry it. Is it possible to create a program at the terminal that will automatically interact with the interface? Any way to estimate how costly/difficult this would be?

Eric Grannis


Hi Mr. Grannis -

Yes, it’s possible to reach a Model 204 database from Excel or other spreadsheet packages. How you program the interface depends on your specific needs - is this a one-time data load, for instance, or would it be regularly updated? Maybe you want dynamic content for a single student at a time?

As with all things technical, the devil’s in the details, of course. But yes, what you’re asking for is possible as long as NYCDOE has provided the necessary ports.


Alan Brooks