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Hey All,

Is it possible to connect to a MS Access database and/or MS Excel spreadsheet with CorVu NG and use them as data sources for queries and the like?


You will need an Excel or MS Access jdbc driver which works with the correct version of java and MS Office.
This option was provided by the Java-ODBC bridge in Java 1.7, but it has been removed by Oracle in Java 1.8. apparently is was never intended as a permanent feature.

If you have NG 3.0 then you probably still have java 1.7 installed with NG and therefore can use the ODBC bridge by setting it up in the View>Preferences menu. If you have NG 3.1+ then you probably have Java 1.8. It is possible to reconfigure NG to use a different java library by changing the contents of the folder \Rocket Software\CorVu NG\CorVu Workstation Pro\jre\bin and replacing with java 1.7, but it needs care, and when/if you upgrade you’ll have to remember to do it again. It would also need to be considered when using NG Web.

So if this is a real business requirement, you’ll need to go for a genuine jdbc-odbc product.

See this link for alternates.

Thank you so much for your quick reply! So what I take away from this is that it would be better to migrate the data from MS Access to an MS SQL server and connect to the server. Is that accurate?

Hi David,

Yes, it would be better to migrate the data to a platform such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc. since the availability of JDBC drivers for those platforms is much better.

As Mark stated, it is possible to get it to work against MS Access, but you would have some extra steps involved that you would need to account for as you upgrade versions of CorVu NG. CorVu NG tries to stay fairly current the JRE versions as new versions are released and the newer versions of the JRE do not include the JDBC-ODBC bridge that allows you to connect to MS Access.

Thank you for your response. We’re looking at using an SQL server now.

Users have had some success using the UCanAccess JDBC driver. This is an Open Source JDBC driver for MS Access.