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Mpd_setminalloc warning on python module import


We have a developed a that contains functions for converting dates. When I invoke python from TCL and import the utility the following warning appears:

 import pyutils

/builddir/build/BUILD/Python-3.4.9/Modules/_decimal/libmpdec/context.c:55: warning: mpd_setminalloc: ignoring request to set MPD_MINALLOC a second time

When importing pyutils (.py) in another developed module, the same warning appears but the module runs okay it seems.

Is this warning something that we need to be worried about? Seems that it is memory related and therefore a bit worry-some.




Similar to your other question:
Note that this is a known issue related to how some packages interact with the process, due to the nature of the solution, what the python module is doing and the re-initialization of the python environment. This is being addressed in the next release which is currently in Beta.

In this case it appears that they are requesting memory, since it is already assigned the error is thrown. ( Note that since the python solution shares the process with Rocket MultiValue database, exiting to ECL and entering in again could hit issue like this were something was attached to the process, and was still set upon re-entry. In the next release of UniVerse, currently in beta, there is a REINIT.PYTHON command which allows the developer to decide if the python space is reinitialized or not.