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Mobile barcode scanners for accessing multivalue database

The small company I support has a 3 person shipping department. I need to buy mobile, handheld, 1D laser barcode scanners with a screens that can run Accuterm mobile, Tinyterm or some other similar application. I’ve looked at various devices in the $600 to $2400 range. Anybody have suggestions on devices, which os ( android, windows mobile) or any other practical similar experience with this issue.

Hi Michael,
This is a great question, so let me help you find an answer. First, Accuterm is not a Rocket product, so I’m not sure we can answer but perhaps someone on the forum will know more. If you were using Rocket products, I’d recommend leveraging an open-source package for bar-code scanning software ( along with our native Python integration in UniVerse or UniData. Which data server and version are you running?

Since no one else has posted for a while… These days a simple $40 Android tablet with AccuTerm mobile should do the trick. There are a lot of free apps for barcode and QR code scanning and decoding. You might be able to code a simple interface with Tasker freeware. A more professional solution can be created with Java, C#/Xamarin, or Cordova/Phonegap.

Advantages of DIY:

  • It’s very inexpensive.
  • Hardware is off the shelf and easily acquired without a lot of research.
  • You get to verify the solution before spending too much money on a commercial solution.
  • You can replace components at any time, including going from “prototype” to the real solution after you’ve shaken this one out.
  • You own the assets and can modify them as desired.
  • You can also get mobile data service to use this with a phone line if wi-fi isn’t stable in the warehouse area. (I do this with my tablet via a common commercial mobile carrier.)


  • Something new to occupy valuable time.
  • In-house skills may not be enough for this challenge.

There is a lot of room between “here and there” - I’m just suggesting that this might not be as expensive as you think and you might be able to get a lot more than you want.