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Missing perl modules for Rocket Perl on z/OS

I have recently downloaded and installed the 5.24 version of Perl from the Rocket resources page. However I’m still missing a few Perl modules (the main being LWP). Normally on other OSes I would use cpan to download missing modules, but I can’t get it to work on z/OS. Does Rocket have z/OS specific perl module repository/packages that I can access and download from?


Unfortunately, we don’t provide additional modules. Since we provide 24x7 support and priority service for enhancements for customers on support, we do not have porting other perl modules in our roadmap. Sorry, but we must prioritize paying customers first.
If you need a module, which is written in perl, you can download it from cpan repository and use it. It should work correctly.

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Download libwww-perl module on mainframe.
Unpack the archive.
Convert all files to encoding IBM-1047
Go to module directory.
Run next commands
perl Makefile.PL
make install

Thank you for the replies. I’ll try the method suggested by Yaroslav and see how I get along.