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Man find output mangled?

I just installed the findutils package on my z/OS 2.3 system. When I do a “man find”, I get the following type of output (from OMVS) with codepage of IBM-1047. It’s not formatted correctly. Am I doing something wrong?
Does anyone else see this? I have the rocket dir first in my MANPATH, PATH, etc. Oh I’m using Rocket’s Bluezone 3270 emulation.


find - search for files in a directory hierarchy

-[1mfind -[22m[-H] [-L] [-P] [-D debugopts] [-Olevel] [path…] [expression]


These unexpected symbols should be interpreted as font settings. For some reasons, you terminal doesn’t do that. Try to use default settings of Bluezone or another terminal (e.g., Putty).

I also used a Bluezone session to SSH into USS using a VT320 terminal with an export TERM=xterm set in my .profile and using Rocket’s Bash shell. Still mangled.

Any other suggestions?

Could you try Putty with default settings? We can’t reproduce issue on our side.

Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to install Putty. I made some changes to my Bluezone SSH session using VT320 and now man find works as expected. However, shouldn’t these also work from OMVS (using option 6 of ISPF)?

Hello Michael,

Looks like OMVS can only provide a ‘dumb’ terminal, that is, it does not interpret ANSI escape codes. The man pages for findutils contain these ANSI codes inside, which make certain text bold/highlighted. OMVS just displays the escape codes ‘as is’, therefore giving that mangled display.