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Making Introductions to the Rocket Software Community

Hello everyone. My name is Charles Dane, and I’m a recently joined Rocketeer with the role of Community Manager for our products. In the past, I’ve managed a number of technology and video game communities, and gamification programs.

In coming months, we are launching a number of initiatives to engage with our users and customers, and members of this community will be at the forefront of those efforts.

To get things started, I’d like your input. What would you, the Rocket Forum, most want out of a community?

All the best,
Charles Dane


Hi! Welcome!
I think a community must be active, members must participate and exchange. The forum is very well built, maybe it misses a little activity. It could became a hub to access everything about softwares, like updates from the rocket GitHub, code exchange and demos, etc. Have a great day!