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Make 4.0 with --output-sync produces fcntl() error

There is an error when I invoke MAKE with --output-sync even if --jobs is not specified:
fcntl(): EDC5121I Invalid argument. (errno2=0x055501B0)

The same behavior under shell and bash.

I see no impact on the build process, but I think that it isn’t normal to see this message every time when I run the build.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create main.cpp:
    int main() { return 0; }
  • Create Makefile:
    all: main.o
    %.o: %.cpp
        c++ -+ -o $@ $<
  • Run:
    make --output-sync

Hi vbakushevych,

This error is been reported in our jira, and it’s in the queue.


Hello, Alex!
Thank you, I have started watching this issue.
How often do you release the make utility?

hard to say… it depends on the project cadence, team workload, etc