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Logging out a user

Hello everybody, I have a question that might looks basic for you. In our environment, UV is on RHEL. When our software hang on a user’s PC, we get the pid and use kill, at Linux level, to kill the pid, which instantly shut the session.

I just saw UniVerse have a LOGOUT command, which seems to works the same as kill. Do you know if there is a “best practice” or do you know that LOGOUT does in the background? Is it safer to use LOGOUT instead of kill ?

Thanks a lot !

I would recommend LOGOFF followed by ‘kill -15’ if LOGOFF didnt’ work.

The use of ‘kill -9’ should be a last resort.

If you are not not running as an admin, you would have the same permissions issue with ‘kill’ as you might have with LOGOFF. Meaning a non-admin user probably could not kill another non-admin user process.

Thank you very much!