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Issues using bpxwunix from z/OS REXX

I’m working with your git port - KUDOS - from z/OS using bpxwunix to invoke the git commands. I’ve found that the vast majority of git commands work fine using this type of call:

x = bpxwunix(cmd,so.,se.,env.)

where cmd = any git command
so. is the standard output
se. is the standard error
env. is a stem with the omvs environment variables

However, some commands - git shortlog - for example return nothing in either the return code (x) or the so. or se. stems. There may be others besides shortlog but that’s the one i was trying to work with.

Any pointers/advice/suggestions?


#git #bpxwunix #rexx

Hello Lionel,

The shortlog command behaves a bit differently when the revision is not specified explicitly and stdin is not a terminal. It reads the log from stdin and summarizes it, instead of getting the log from the git repo. This is a feature of shortlog, documented here:

You can explicitly specify ‘git shortlog HEAD’ to get the desired output from within Rexx.