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Installing DBTools in Mac OS


Good afternoon,

I’m trying to install the DBTools in MAC. I know that there is no installer for mac os but then looking at the documents they have reference like: For Apple only, starting at this release, DBTools 4.3.0 can be installed on Eclipse Mars or Neon.

I have Neon but the update site is not working. This is the message from:

U2 DBTools v4 Update Site


Updates for DBTools v4 are now available here.

So, I’m confused, is there a way or not to install DBTools v4.3 in mac.

Thanks in advance



We do not have a 4.3.0 update build available currently , but one will be available in the future.
The update site has caused a number of issues that prevent us from posting there.
If you connect to and select :

Search Product Availability
Product = U2 DBTools
Platform = Windows

and Select Product link on

Click on U2 DBTools Update

This is the update software that will allow you to install UDBTools on a Mac .
You will need to extract the zip file.
In Eclipse, select help>Install new software and point to the location of the unzipped files.

Nik Kesic


It’s there any plan to update BDT to the latest version of eclipse? Luna is not working in Mac OS High Sierra, at least not for me.

Or are you guys (RocketSoftware), working on another Development Tool software?

Thanks in advance


The Release notes for the U2 DBTool Version 4.3.0 mentions the following:

Apple Mac OS X only. Starting at this release, DBTools 4.3.0 can be installed on
Eclipse Mars or Neon.

Mike Rajkowski


Yes @mrajkowski, but there is no mention of how to install it. I downloaded 4.3 but everything is .exe. I tried to do the Local Install Software option pointing to the IDE_Files folder but didn’t worked.

Any idea of how to install 4.3 in eclipse Neon or Mars in Mac OSX?

Thanks :smiley: