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Installation Strategy



We would like to use a couple of tools (or are already using them).
At the moment we’re discussing how and where to install the different tools.
In the README.ZOS files I found the paths /rsusr/rocket and /rsusr/ported to be the main paths.
We want to avoid to break dependencies between the various products.

Is it important to have rocket and ported separated or is one of them some kind of legacy?
Is there some way to remove a specific version/product from all the subfolders in the ported or rocket folder?
Are there plans to provide other/additional ways for installation and maintenance (for example z/OSMF Workflows)?



At Rocket we install everything into /rsusr/ported. We are trying to eliminate any dependencies on install location, but that’s tricky to do with precompiled code. I’d say that the safest route is to install everything into /rsusr/ported and look carefully at the README.ZOS files. In some cases (perl comes to mind) there are post-untar instructions for modifying the embedded paths.

– Jerry


Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your reply. This answers my primary question.
I think we will also use the ported folder as our common ground.

Please let me know, if you (or someone else) have additional information about removing (specific versions of) products from the ported folder.
I am also happy to hear, if you have plans to adjust the installation process.




I am trying to install perl. I’m seem to be having problems because the /rsusr/rocket path is imbedded. in several modules. In your post you mention that there are post-untar instructions for modifying the embedded paths. Where are these instructions located?

Kindest Regards…John


See the files in share/doc/perl/5.24.0. In general, this is the strategy for z/OS specific instructions.

I thought that there was a README at top-level that referred to that directory.


When selecting perl for downloading. There is a page with the links to the perl tar file and a couple of READMEs. README.ZOS has the specific installation directions. Here a snippet related to your question:

Install default directory /rsusr/rocket
Unpack archive perl-5.24.0_<build>.tar.gz.
Copy all files to directory /rsusr/rocket/ or your directory.
Install the necessary permissions and ownership for files.
In directory bin run script
Update environment variables PATH, MANPATH, PER5LIB, LIBPATH add the path to your directory.

Hope this helps,