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Installation issues when installed SB+ 6.5.2

We just installed SB+ 6.5.2 and run MasterPack. But ever since we installed the upgraded version our screens are really doing weird stuff. Like if we go from one screen to another the previous screen is not clearing so it looks like it is overlaying on the new screen. Also, one thing we have noticed is when we go to reset our printer by using /SPR and return back to a menu it loses the words off the menu or the color is displayed in blocks. And also when we use DSET to give a listing of printers we get a listing of other information and have noticed that if we ran a SELECT command whatever is in the select list is what is listed as the printers.

Does anyone have any idea on what is causing this issue?

It sounds like your terminal emulation is not set correctly. I am going to share a link to the documentation on setting it up correctly.

Look at the section starting on page 146. Let me know if that helps it sounds like your settings may need to be tweaked. I am not sure on specifics not knowing what terminal emulator you are using and the current settings. Let me know if you need more information.