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Install PiPY packages for use in U2

Greetings Everyone,

How would one go about installing Python packages on a Linus UV servers. Does pip work? What about virtual environments? There a a number of Python PiPY packages that could be useful for us, like smtp ones, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Dave Howell
Market America / SHOP.COM


I have loaded modules with pip, are you running into a problem?

As for the smtp, have you looked at the built in module smtplib?


( Need more to the question “What about virtual environments?” )



Thanks for the response. Fine business on pip installing. No problem, haven’t really tried yet. Just thought I’d see if it could be done before trying. We’ll give it a try and see. We are particularly interested in using the Kafka package for Python.

As for virtual environments. If you are not familiar, virtual environments (pip install virtualenv) allows one to have many different configurations for Python including different Python versions and pip packages. I presume if it can be pip installed then it should work. FYI… we are going to be using Red Hat for our UV OS.

Thanks again,