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IMPORTANT NOTICE for users of the Rocket port of git for z/OS

IMPORTANT NOTICE for users of the Rocket port of git for z/OS

The most recent versions of git (versions 2.18 and later) available from the official git repository on github and other locations contain support for the working-tree-encoding git attribute. This support is not conditionalized for the platform on which git is being run. The result is that git repository created on z/OS containing a .gitattributes file similar to this:

# Default to EBCDIC unless otherwise specified
*                working-tree-encoding=ibm-1047 git-encoding=iso8859-1

# The git attributes and ignore files MUST be ASCII
*.gitattributes  working-tree-encoding=iso8859-1 git-encoding=iso8859-1
*.gitignore      working-tree-encoding=iso8859-1 git-encoding=iso8859-1

will have problems when cloned to a non-z/OS platform (such as Windows or Linux), as git will attempt to convert files to the specified encoding.

For more information about this issue, see this thread on the git maintainers mailing list.

Rocket will be working with the open source git community to resolve this issue. For the time being, though, users of the Rocket port of git for z/OS should:

  • Avoid updating git on non-z/OS platforms (such as Windows and Linux) to git release 2.18 or later.
  • To the extent possible, avoid using the working-tree-encoding attribute in .gitattributes files. Note that nearly all IBM compilers and many utilities (including ISPF) accept correctly tagged ASCII (ISO-8859-1) files as input.
  • Monitor this issue via the Rocket open source forum.

It is possible that the resolution of this issue may require the .gitattributes files in all existing git repositories that use the working-tree-encoding attribute on z/OS to be altered.