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Identifying Version and Build


The version of a distribution is often not enough for uniquely identifying it for purposes of knowing whether or not you have the most up-to-date code. Sometimes, for the same tool version, Rocket will make available for download multiple iterations each with a different build number. When requesting support for a language or tool from Rocket be sure to include the name, version, and build number.

The build number is part of the original distribution file you downloaded from Rocket. Also, in the unpacked distribution you will find a VERSION.ZOS file that contains this information within this sub-folder:

share/doc/<toolName>/<version>  (e.g. share/doc/bash/4.3)

It is best to keep this file so you can uniquely identify your tool version.

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And what is the name of the tool you need to write?


I edited the initial post to make it more clear. It is the name of the tool you downloaded e.g. bash. You will see when you get down into share/doc