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Have you used the RESIZE CONCURRENT?

In support we do not hear about experiences if there are no issue. I was recently ask “What is the largest file our customers have used RESIZE CONCURRENT on?”

While the question was asked by a UniData Customer, I would also like to get information about UniVerse.

So, if you do us RESIZE CONCURRENT, what size files have you resized?

Michael Rajkowski

We use RESIZE CONCURRENT, but very judiciously. We have some self imposed rules:

  1. Don’t resize a busy file.
  2. Don’t change the block size.
  3. Don’t convert from static to dynamic or vice versa.

I’ve used RESIZE CONCURRENT on files of all sizes. Static files up to 1.5 GB. Dynamic files with up to three 2 GB dat files. Always following the rules noted above, and anything over 500 MB is only done during a slow period, i.e. late at night or weekend, unless it is an emergency. We’ve corrupted files using CONCURRENT on busy files during busy times of the day, so we shy away from it whenever possible.

We run UniData 7.3.7 on HPUX. Some of our systems are very busy, .i.e 7500 udt sessions at peak times.

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I forgot a rule:

  1. Don’t resize downward, i.e. smaller modulo.

We always use the CONCURRENT flag whether the file is in use or not, although with large or busy files there’s an increased risk the resize will lock up! We only have a very small window where large files can be resized without issues, resulting in very poor file sizing across our environments.

Thanks for your input.

If I may ask, what version of UniData are you running, what OS are you on?

There have been several fixes to the RESIZE CONCURRENT, and possible your issues was resolved.