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GIT: SSL Certificate Problem: Unable to Get Local Issuer Certificate

I am having this error when trying to clone from GitHub.
One workaround is to add -c http.sslVerify=false to the git command line, but this introduces security problems.

I have found online that I have to apply this configuration to git:
git config --system http.sslCAPath /absolute/path/to/git/certificates
where /absolute/path/to/git/certificates is a path that points to a CA certificate bundle.

However, when I try to run that command I get this error:
error: could not lock config file /rsusr/ported/etc/gitconfig: EDC5129I No such file or directory.

The problem here is that I do NOT have rocket software tools installed into that directory.
Instead, I have them installed into /bkde/rocket, and all the GIT_* environment variables point there:

SIGDC@BVLSYSA [~/]$ env |grep -i git   

So why is git looking into /rsusr/ported/etc/ (which I suppose is the default hard-coded path when GIT_* env vars are not set)??

Hi Cris70,

You can try to add GIT_SSL_CAINFO variable.
Download certificate file from and export GIT_SSL_CAINFO
curl -s -k -o cacert.pem
export GIT_SSL_CAINFO=/path/to/your/cacert.pem


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Thank you @Alex, that solved my issue!
Though I still think Rocket Software should look into the original issue (i.e. GIT using a hard-coded path).