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Git Failure with cat-file blob

This fails to generate a valid file if the original file is binary but works if it is text using git 2.14.4 on z/OS.

However when I try it on git on my Windows PC it works perfectly for both text and binary using git version 2.17.1.

ls-tree 35ef2077 PDSEGEN.LOAD.XMIT
cat-file blob 089cc887490267554c7f8a572a614d4618383531 > /tmp/load.xmit

Is this a known issue? Is there something else I need to do to make this work?

I’m trying to access historical levels of files within the repository and this looked like a viable option until I needed access to binary files (TSO Transmit - or XMIT).

Hi Lionel,

Could you try to set tag for the file?
chtag -b /tmp/load.xmit
chtag -tc IBM-1047 /tmp/load.xmit

And then,
cat /tmp/load.xmit

Probably, you have EBCDIC (IBM-1047) encoded data in the file, but it is being tagged as ISO8859-1 while redirecting.


That didn’t work but it was a great idea.

Note that when I do this sequence on my Windows PC with Git version 2.17.1 that it works perfectly. I suspect something was fixed post 2.14