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Git Diff Anomaly with Rocket Port

I’m attempting to determine the changed files between two different branches and what I’ve found is an anomaly that I can’t recreate on the git on Windows.

The scenario:

  1. Create a repository - branch master
  2. add some files, git add/commit
  3. Create a new branch - B1
  4. add a file, change an existing
  5. git add/commit
  6. git diff --name-status master…B1
  7. works great as does the reverse
  8. Create a new branch from B1 -> B2
  9. add/remove/change files
  10. git add/commit
  11. git diff --name-status B2…master
  12. the results that I’m seeing are the diff for B1 and B2 but NOT B2 and master.

Is this a known issue? Thoughts/suggestions?

Is there a better way to get the list of files changed (add/rename/delete/update) between two branches?

Hello lbdyck,

Can you please give more detailed scenario, I can’t reproduce your problem with the following scenario:

mkdir 1
cd 1
git init
echo test > test
git add test
git commit -m “c1”
git branch B1
git checkout B1
echo test2 > test2
echo test_upd > test
git add .
git commit -m “c2”
git diff --name-status master…B1
git branch B2
git checkout B2
rm -f test2
echo test3 > test3
echo test_newupd > test
git add .
git commit -m “c3”
git diff --name-status B2…master

Having the same behaviour on the git on Windows and USS


Ignore the problem was found between the keyboard and the chair.

sorry to trouble you