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Git commands fail due to "bad config line"

I get the following errors trying to use Git on z/OS. I’m not sure what’s causing them. It almost seems like maybe an encoding issue like git can’t read the file in UTF-8? I could be completely off base though.

$git init
warning: templates not found C
fatal: bad config line 1 in file /u/users/xxx/git/test/.git/config

$git config --global xxxx
fatal: bad config line 1 in file .git/config

$git --version
git version 2.12.0
$bash --version
GNU bash, version 4.2.50(49)-release (i370-ibm-openedition)

These happen even if I delete ~/.git and the .git directory where I am trying to git init

Anyone seen something like this before and have any suggestions?


Hi cboehm91,

git version 2.14.4 is available for download on customer portal.
Can you try it?


Thanks, we will try installing the new version