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GIT clone failing after upgrade to 2.14.4

I’ve never had a problem with GIT CLONE on 2.3.5 but (I think) this is the first clone I’ve performed since upgrading.

I am clone from a local directory to a local directory and getting the following:

/u/u700215/zGIT-Repository/MVSDEMO>git clone /u/u700215/zGIT-Repository/MVSDEMO /u/u700215/zGIT-Repository/MVSDEMO3
Cloning into ‘/u/u700215/zGIT-Repository/MVSDEMO3’…
fatal: cannot run git-upload-pack ‘/u/u700215/zGIT-Repository/MVSDEMO’: EDC5129I No such file or directory.
fatal: unable to fork
/u/u700215/zGIT-Repository/MVSDEMO>git status
On branch master
nothing to commit, working tree clean

I performed a git status immediately after the clone failed and you can see that the MVSDEMO repository does exist.

Suggestions/Help please.

Hi Gary,
Could you specify git version, which you use? If you recently updated git, please, check that you have installed git from this archive: git-2.14.4_b08.181016.tar.gz

**/u/u700215>git --version **
git version 2.14.4_zos_b06

This looks like a problem that we have just fixed in build 8. Please, could you update it?

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Thank you. That fixed my problem.