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Git Bad line length character

HI I am trying to use git on our OMVS installation and I am having some trouble. I want to be able to push to and pull from our remote git server
I was able to set up a ssh key and authenticate with
ssh -T

I get the response

FOTS2190 Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts (/u/tmp/.ssh/known_hosts).
Hi myusername! You've successfully authenticated, but GitHub does not provide shell access.

I pulled some code from my PDS to a unix file with cp then tagged it all as iso8859-1 with
chtag -t -c iso8859-1 filename

I created a git repo with the .gitattributes that the forum post hear recommends.
I was able to do git init and git add and set the origin.
However, when I try to do a git push or a git fetch I get the following error

FOTS2190 Failed to add the host to the list of known hosts (/u/tmp/.ssh/known_hosts).
fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: ▒▒▒▒

(/u/tmp is ~ )

btw i am using bash-4.3 as my shell
and my git version is

bash-4.3$ /git/bin/git --version
git version 2.3.5_os390_b013

Could you check if hostfile is writable by your user:

ls -ltr ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Or delete the known_hosts file, and re-run your ssh. This will regenerate the known_host file with appropriate permissions, and add the remote host you are trying to ssh into to this file.

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I was able to get the git push to work i had forgotten to source the bash script that sets up all the environment variables.
However, i still have a problem, the files are added to the git repo but the contents come out as garbage i think i have some kind of encoding issue.

It could happen if encoding tag of the file differs from actual file encoding.

There are two encodings used in z/OS Unix System: IBM-1047 and ISO8859-1 (EBCDIC and ASCII)

To check file encoding:

chtag -p filename

To set/change encoding tag:

chtag -c ISO8859-1 filename

To convert file content:

iconv -f IBM-1047 -t ISO8859-1 source_file_name > converted_file