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GIT 2.3.5 clone failing with error Couldn't find any revision to build. Verify the repository and branch configuration for this job

We are getting the below error as shown below in the screen whenever we are trying to trigger the build on z/os from Jenkins. Please suggest
We have referred to the earlier posting of the same error, However we could see our TCP/IP resolver is working fine.

Please post this issue at the IBM DBB community forum to see if we can determine the cause. Additionally verify that the Rocket Git environment variables are set correctly. We have seen that error message when they are not. DBB provides a shell script in that will set all the required environment variables that can be run when launching the Jenkins remote agent. The shell script is located in <DBB_INSTALL>/conf/ Note that this shell script needs to be configured correctly.

Thanks for quick response…Can you please provide us more details on the setup instruction#2 in the below screen shot…

Here is the link to the DBB Knowledge Center page on integrating with Jenkins. Search on “Prefix Start Slave Command” which shows how to have Jenkins execute the when the Jenkins remote agent starts up.