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Git 2.14.4 for z/OS is now available

Git version 2.14.4 for z/OS is now available for download from Rocket Software, at:

This version supersedes the prior version, Git 2.3.5.

In addition to the platform-generic changes from the previous version, the following z/OS-specific changes have been made:

  • The https protocol is now supported for access to remote repositories, in addition to the ssh protocol.

  • The working-tree-encoding attribute has been replaced by a new attribute, zos-working-tree-encoding.


It is vital that all users of the working-tree-encoding attribute migrate to the new zos-working-tree-encoding attribute as soon as possible. See the release notes notes (supplied with the download) regarding an incompatibility with git releases after 2.18 on other platforms.

Git for zOS 2.14.4 - Release Notes.pdf (63.3 KB)

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Thanks for all the work to get this latest release available. I’m looking forward to see if it fixes the problems that I’ve previously reported. Thanks Again.


Regarding the “zos-working-tree-encoding”…

I assume I could code “zos-working-tree-encoding” in repos using my current 2.3.5 version of Git together with “working-tree-encoding”. So when I switch to 2.14.4 the encoding would be seamless. I’d remove “working-tree-encoding” once 2.14.4 is accepted into production.

Comments ?

Regards, Gary

Yes. In 2.3.5, zos-working-tree-encoding is not a recognized attribute and will be ignored. In 2.14.4, it has priority over working-tree-encoding.