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Formatting the output (numbers, titles, etc.) in a Servergraph Advanced Reports Builder report


Reports Builder allows you to change how the results of a query look with a powerful formatting tool.

  1. To format your query, first “run” the query and then go to the “Results” bottom tab.
  2. From the “Results” tab look at the top for the icon on the far right that looks like a spreadsheet with a gear in it:
  3. Click on this icon, and a “Layout Properties” window will pop up.
  4. On the left side of this pane is the “layout” area. Just select the column you want to change, open it, and continue to open the items below until you get to the “detail/default” level. In the image below, I am changing the format for the “Ten Largest Nodes” column.

  1. Now on the right side you have 3 different options: General, Font, and Format. By navigating these you can set the font, font size, limit the number of decimal points for a number (under general), change format, etc. Using a word processor type interface you can change anything you want about the query output.